Frequently Asked Questions
What is the basic process for backordering?
After you have created an account and logged in you will need to create at least one registrant before you can place any backorders. Anybody can bid on a backorder until the domain drops but, as the exact time is never known, it is not advisable to leave it too late. If the domain is caught the high bidder will be invoiced for that amount and after payment can take control of the domain. Note you cannot place a backorder on a .uk domain unless you have at least one registrant address for the UK.
How does bidding work?
To place the current high bid you must beat the current high bid by £5. For convenience the system will bid on your behalf so you won't have to be present every time someone places a bid. Enter your maximum bid and any time your bid is beaten a bid will be autoplaced on your behalf for £5 more. This means your maximum bid may never be reached and you will guarantee you always have the highest bid up to your maximum amount except where you have the same maximum bid as someone else. If two people have the same maximum bid the person who placed the bid first will have theirs honoured.
Example: bidder A places a bid of £30 on a domain with a maximum of £80. The bid stands at £30. Bidder B now has to place a £35 bid to place a backorder which they do with a maximum of £50. The system automatically bids on behalf of bidder A up to £55 where Bidder B has now reached their maximum and no further bids are placed. Bidder B, or any other bidders, will now have to place a £60 bid to place a backorder. Bidder C places a bid with £100 maximum. The system bids on behalf of bidder A up until £80 where he is now outbid by Bidder C at £85. All maximum bids are unknown to other bidders.
Why is a domain not available to backorder?
Domains that are available to register, are not within the dropping cycle, or have otherwise been marked by us, are not available to backorder.
What is the drop cycle for a uk domain?
When a domain expires there is a period of expiry, then of suspension, and finally it drops. Once a domain is marked as renewal required its nameservers will stop resolving and it will become available to register, ie drop, 92 days after the expiry date. A registrant can renew the domain any time during that period. Although the day of drop is known the time is random from the registry. We therefore poll the registry constantly throughout the day and attempt to register it the millisecond it becomes available. On rare occasions a domain doesn't drop on the date expected due to unknown registry reasons. When this happens nobody gets the domain and credits are refunded - we do not chase domains out of the drop cycle.
Why must I create a registrant to backorder?
When you create registrant an account is created at the registry level into which any domains registered will go. Without that information you cannot backorder a domain. The information you enter for a registrant will appear on any domain caught for that registrant account.
Do I need a new or different registrant for each domain?
No. You can use one registrant to backorder all your domains or you can create more than one registrant if you wish to catch multiple domains with differing registration details or for different people.
Why aren't all my registrants available for backordering .UK domains?
Since the .uk was introduced in 2014 the registry will only allow UK addresses to register them. You can still be from outside of UK but you will need a UK address for registration. This does not apply to,, and As such any non-uk registrants cannot be chosen for details for a .UK domain.
Why do I get an error when trying to create a registrant?
Although every step has been taken to make sure registrant creation is simple, the process can occasionally fail after a refusal from the registry. This is usually caused by an invalid postcode or having only numbers for the address 1 field. If an error continues and you think all details are correct please contact us with the information you are using and we will manually create a registrant account for you.
How are invoices sent and how do I pay?
Invoices are sent on the day a domain is caught and they contain a link to payment. You can also pay via your account.
Do you charge VAT on invoices?
No. There is no vat payable on outstanding amounts.
What payment methods do you accept?
Currently we accept payment via paypal. You are able to use all major credit cards even without having an account there.
How long before an invoice has to be settled?
We recommend and prefer if you pay invoices immediately as we have to pay immediately for the registration. However we do not hold an account in default until after 7 days. Individual domains cannot be changed to another registrar until after payment has been effected.